Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Son of Ludlow

I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep in the place I now called home. The home of Ludlow. On this special evening, his son, Lenny, (an alcoholic man of about 40) had traveled down from Corpus Christi.

"I've gotta tell you Chreese, what you deeed, it took a lot of baaaalllls man...moving to a place where you don't know anyone, living in a tent...."

I didn't know what to say. I guess that's one way to look at it. Another way might be to say I was incredibly young and immature.

As I laid down to rest that night, I found myself, laying in the same room as Lenny, listening to his disgusting tales of life. The bedroom was big and had two full sized beds on the opposite ends of the room. He told me about his experience on the island, taking ecstasy and smoking drugs.

When I woke the next morning Ludlow, the frail, old, Mexican man was standing beside my bed and clapped to wake me up.

When I came back from the shower, Lenny had gotten into my clothes and was wearing my tattered jeans, and a pearl snap shirt, both of which belonged to me.

"Lenny!!!??? Why are you wearing my clothes?"

"Oh sorry man....COMMUNITY CLOSET!" And he said this, as if it made perfect sense. As if I were somehow lesser of a man for not knowing what this meant. The day went on. I went to the beach, Lenny went to Mexico for a "business" meeting. He came back thrashed. His dad cried and sobbed that night in my arms about how much he missed his wife (who'd passed). What am I supposed to say? "Hang in there...keep your chin up...I know how you feel...". I said nothing.

Lenny was passed out in the giant bedroom from his business drinking. At midnight he rose, stumbled out into the living room and proceeded for the front door.

"Going back to Corpus" he slurred, (which is a 4 hour drive).

"Before you leave, can I have my clothes back?"

And he pulled the shirt off his back...pulled the jeans off his legs and left them in a heap on the floor, and left.

I watched him stumble to his truck. I was slightly confused by the absurdity that was Lenny. His truck Vrrroooommed, and he sped off. Sped off in nothing more than a cowboy hat, and tighty whiteys.

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Ruby Sue Lou said...

Oh Len Len....NEVER leave the house in tighty whiteys and a cowboy hat!