Saturday, November 8, 2008

The day/night my tent broke

I realize now how long posts rarely get read.

One night I was sleeping in my home on the beach (which was a tent--see "arrival on the isle" for details).

A whopper of a squall came across the water and blew my home down...with me in it.

The next day I interviewed for a job at the Sheraton (I didn't get it cause I kept staring off into space from lack of sleep).

It was the longest night of my life.

5 days later I was living with a 70 year old Mexican man named Ludlow.


rachelok said...

i, for one, enjoy long posts. and, for that matter, 70 year old mexican men...

Chronicles of Noel said...

You would have loved Ludlow. He was like a 70 year old Johnny Cash...only mexican.

rachelok said...

oh, what a great name...which reminds me, have you ever seen 'love, ludlow'?