Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jackie-O's Part II

You may recall from previous stories that Padre is filled with colorful people and colorful addictions. How I came to be surrounded by such charming spirits (if by charming you mean strung out derelicts and frightening) was a combination of lack of funds and....that was it really. I guess there's no combination for it at all.

In any case, the day after Crack-head Mickey came over and tried to rob me of my Apple Jacks, the Landlord changed the locks on his apartment. As it were, it wasn't even his apartment. He was staying there because his girlfriend--a gal that my landlord said (and I quote)-- " had been put to bed wet a couple of times, if you know what I mean". **Chuckle chuckle** in response. Although deep down inside....No.? I don't know what that means. Was she known for getting drunk and falling into the bay? Perhaps, like me, she had an affinity for the beach and passed out there frequently--only to have the tide come and get her wet. I'm not sure. But she was my true neighbor and her crackhead boyfriend was house sitting while she was on vacation in Seattle.

When the landlord locked the door on Mickey, he started sleeping in the apartment complex laundromat (that is to say, in a garage with a washer, dryer in it).

Two weeks past and not a stir from the apartment next door. At 2:30a.m. I woke up to a pounding next door. It went on for 5 minutes. Silence...but not lasting silence. A calm before the storm silence. CRASH!!! Hooray, I was correct! A storm was brewing! Not only was I entertained by the breaking and entering taking place next door via the broken sharded kitchen window...I was also in fear of my life, thinking I would be next.

After calling the police and the landlord, we found out that it was the maiden who owned the place (own = rent). She had just gotten back from Seattle. Instead of going straight home and unpacking, when she arrived, she headed to the local watering hole, got drunk, and came home to a locked apartment and soon found out her keys no longer worked. Logically, she broke the window to get inside so she could sleep (but I didn't check to see if she was wet).

She was evicted the next day, but her boyfriend continued to sleep in the garage.


Ruby Sue Lou said...

Glad your back!

ChariDee said...

I think it means she showered before going to bed, thereby giving her a wild look? Perhaps? No? I'm clueless then.

KristenH said...

Hey Chris! I’ve been stopping by occasionally and I love reading these posts, your writing is excellent!

Anyway… the phrase you are questioning is cowboy/horseman related term. It’s usually something to effect of, “she looks like she’s been road hard and put to bed (or away) wet.” It means ugly, rough or uncared for and it results from the kind of frothy sweaty state that horses get worked into when they’ve been running for awhile. A good horseman will run his horse through a cool down and then towel them dry before putting them in stall after a workout. A lesser person would just leave them in that state and the horse could get sick or at the very least it would look like hell.

Here’s hoping that’s mildly interesting, because I’ve always found that phrase amusing.

Keep up the writing!