Thursday, October 23, 2008

At Night we Prayed

When I was a younger man, I took off to the sea of Mexico, residing in a studio apartment on South Padre's sister town of Port Isabel, TX.

At night the breeze would blow salty air through the screen door as I laid in bed. I didn't have a couch, but I had a love seat. One night, a drifter walked past and knocked on my door. In such a small town, nobody's really a stranger, and I'd seen this guy around. He was about 25 and I, 20.

We had a mutual friend and BBQ'd together once. So it wasn't a total stranger.

When he asked me why I was letting him sleep on the floor, I told him that I too was homeless (just 3 weeks before). There was a connection through the Catholic church in a small community just 20 minutes away called, Los Fresnos TX.

When he heard this, he asked if it would be okay if he prayed. I said yes...though I didn't expect him to drop to his knees and pray out loud.

"God...Chris has been given so much. And Bless him in his way. And let him remember that, to those that much is given, much is demanded. I'm sorry for doing cocaine."



Ruby Sue Lou said...

Love the blog! Can't wait to read more!-Ruby

Josh said...

LOL. Wow. Amen brother!

the blog is lookin great.